How to Write an Austin Craigslist Real Estate Advertisement

I’m noticing many people, Realtors especially, post their entire Austin lease and sales listings on Austin Craigslist under the real estate part. It is of no charge after all and at times useful, causes enough for posting Austin Craigslist listings together with photos After doing this and observing from the searching point of view of real estate listings that the Craigslist program is user-unfriendly, I inadvertently arrived to some conclusions.

The one real effective method to utilize Craigslist to locate Austin real estate is to search for keywords. For example, there have been nearly 300 new real estate postings on the Austin Craigslist real estate for sale part so far today (4132007). Scrolling down the page reading the record titles is time consuming and isn’t very productive. Then there is the Next 100 Postings located below the screen, and browsing through all of them is all the more time-consuming. You’d have to look through 1,000-plus listings just to look the previous 4 days of new entries. listings are available in Craigslist for 45 days so it is really not likely that people would tramp through all those listings. Instead, browsers would search for keywords.

When I want to find property in Shady Hollow, Western Oaks, Legends Oaks, or Circle C, then I would likely use those area names as search keywords. Other elements I would search for would be Bowie High School, Kiker Elementary, South Austin, and others that would point me to real estates in the place. If a property near Westlake High School is what I like, then I would likely utilize keywords like Westlake and Eanes.

Now that it is obvious my record in Austin Craigslist is more to be viewed as a result from a search engine, then it is best to write content with lots of keywords in them.

If I have a Travis Heights listing in South Austin, off South Congress (soco) that is for trade, say that is the circumstances. Would the following be fine ad copy

A close-to-everything older cottage, charming, and accessible within minutes from the downtown. Restaurants, local stores, pool, and area park are a walking distance away.

Do you realize that the sample sentence lack relevant keywords For example, a searcher wants to locate a Travis Heights property, how would he do so if the area itself is not revealed They wouldn’t. I’ve witnessed many badly printed ads like this on Craigslist.

A more improved copy would be

South Central Austin attracting in Travis Heights minutes to downtown Austin, 6th Street and Zilker. Travel on foot to Stacy Park, to South Congress eating places and stores (soco), and pool.

Recognize the difference Basically it means the same thing, but in a keyword viewpoint the last one is more likely to be viewed by a Travis Heights property searcher or by a searcher for homes near (soco) South Congress.

This step can be enhanced some more by factoring in secondary keywords. I have a presently posted Craigslist Western Oaks rental listing. I start the advertisement with

Great property, nicely updated in a excellent South Austin location in Western Oaks, near Legend Oaks and Circle C.

What is the reason at the back of my stating of Circle C and Legend Oaks being close by it is because those searching for Circle C or legend Oaks homes may also find the Western Oaks home interesting. The point here is to gather the interests of as many as possible. Furthermore is that attribute schools are fine motivating factors for the South Austin location so it is best to state the full name of such schools in case there are some browsing for homes particularly attending such schools.

In short, a website copy and a Craigslist ad are not to be printed dissimilarly. You should question what are the search phrases and keywords appropriate to utilize in order to come into view as results on most people’s searches. Then take pains to incorporate those keywords in the ads you write.