How to Pen Down an Austin Craigslist Home Ad

In the section for real estate, you will see that many people, including Realtors place their entire Austin transactions and rental listings they have on Austin Craigslist. It is free after all and sometimes useful, reasons enough for placing Austin Craigslist listings together with photos In doing so, and in seeing how user-unfriendly the Craigslist interface is from a home record searching point of view, I’ve arrived to some realizations.

The only true efficient method to utilize Craigslist to find Austin home is to look for keywords. Today, for example, there are nearly 300 home postings that are new on the for sale section of Austin Craigslist home. Looking along the page understanding the record titles is time wasting and isn’t very prolific. Then there is the Next 100 Postings found below the screen, and look through all of them is all the more time-wasting. if you set on this path, you would just end up scrolling through the more than a thousand postings just so you find to see the latest 4 days of entries. Since postings remain active on Craigslist for 45 days, it’s unlikely that anyone is going to scroll through all accessible listings. Instead, browsers would search for keywords.

So if I was searching for a home in Circle C or Legends Oaks or Western Oaks or Shady Hollow, I would be typing a search for those neighborhood names. Other attributes I would search for would be Bowie High School, Kiker Elementary, South Austin, and others that would point me to property in the place. If a home close to Westlake High School is what I like, then I would probably utilize keywords such as Westlake and Eanes.

This instant that it is obvious my posting in Austin Craigslist is more to be viewed as a outcome from a search engine, then it is best to write content with plenty of keywords in them.

For example, let’s say I have a posting in Travis Heights off South Congress (soco) in South Austin for trade. Would the subsequent be good ad copy

A close-to-everything older cottage, attractive, and accessible within minutes from the downtown. Restaurants, local shops, pool, and neighborhood park are a walking distance away.

Notice the lack of relevant keywords in the sample sentence How would a searcher who wants a home in Travis Heights find my posting when there is no revelation of the neighborhood The searcher wouldn’t. I’ve seen many badly printed ads such as this on Craigslist.

A better copy would be

South Central Austin attracting in Travis Heights minutes to downtown Austin, 6th Street and Zilker. Stroll to Stacy Park and pool and to South Congress (soco) shops and restaurants.

Notice the difference Basically it means the same thing, but in a keyword viewpoint the last one is more probable to be viewed by a Travis Heights home searcher or by a searcher for properties close to (soco) South Congress.

We can take this concept a step more through thinking of derivative keywords to add in an ad. I have a currently posted Craigslist Western Oaks rental posting. I start off the ad with

Great home, finely updated in a excellent South Austin area in Western Oaks, near Legend Oaks and Circle C.

What is the reason at the back of my stating of Circle C and Legend Oaks being close by it is for the reason that those searching for Circle C or legend Oaks properties may also find the Western Oaks home attracting. I like to capture as many attracted prospects with the ad as likely. Also, since excellent schools are a encouraging attribute for many in the SW Austin location, it’s important to mention all schools by name in case someone is browsing specifically for a home that attends certain schools.

So printing a Craigslist ad is not that different from printing website copy. One has to ask what keywords and search phrases may be utilized by people whom I like to look this content Then take pains to incorporate those keywords in the ads you write.

How to Write an Austin Craigslist Real Estate Advertisement

I’m noticing many people, Realtors especially, post their entire Austin lease and sales listings on Austin Craigslist under the real estate part. It is of no charge after all and at times useful, causes enough for posting Austin Craigslist listings together with photos After doing this and observing from the searching point of view of real estate listings that the Craigslist program is user-unfriendly, I inadvertently arrived to some conclusions.

The one real effective method to utilize Craigslist to locate Austin real estate is to search for keywords. For example, there have been nearly 300 new real estate postings on the Austin Craigslist real estate for sale part so far today (4132007). Scrolling down the page reading the record titles is time consuming and isn’t very productive. Then there is the Next 100 Postings located below the screen, and browsing through all of them is all the more time-consuming. You’d have to look through 1,000-plus listings just to look the previous 4 days of new entries. listings are available in Craigslist for 45 days so it is really not likely that people would tramp through all those listings. Instead, browsers would search for keywords.

When I want to find property in Shady Hollow, Western Oaks, Legends Oaks, or Circle C, then I would likely use those area names as search keywords. Other elements I would search for would be Bowie High School, Kiker Elementary, South Austin, and others that would point me to real estates in the place. If a property near Westlake High School is what I like, then I would likely utilize keywords like Westlake and Eanes.

Now that it is obvious my record in Austin Craigslist is more to be viewed as a result from a search engine, then it is best to write content with lots of keywords in them.

If I have a Travis Heights listing in South Austin, off South Congress (soco) that is for trade, say that is the circumstances. Would the following be fine ad copy

A close-to-everything older cottage, charming, and accessible within minutes from the downtown. Restaurants, local stores, pool, and area park are a walking distance away.

Do you realize that the sample sentence lack relevant keywords For example, a searcher wants to locate a Travis Heights property, how would he do so if the area itself is not revealed They wouldn’t. I’ve witnessed many badly printed ads like this on Craigslist.

A more improved copy would be

South Central Austin attracting in Travis Heights minutes to downtown Austin, 6th Street and Zilker. Travel on foot to Stacy Park, to South Congress eating places and stores (soco), and pool.

Recognize the difference Basically it means the same thing, but in a keyword viewpoint the last one is more likely to be viewed by a Travis Heights property searcher or by a searcher for homes near (soco) South Congress.

This step can be enhanced some more by factoring in secondary keywords. I have a presently posted Craigslist Western Oaks rental listing. I start the advertisement with

Great property, nicely updated in a excellent South Austin location in Western Oaks, near Legend Oaks and Circle C.

What is the reason at the back of my stating of Circle C and Legend Oaks being close by it is because those searching for Circle C or legend Oaks homes may also find the Western Oaks home interesting. The point here is to gather the interests of as many as possible. Furthermore is that attribute schools are fine motivating factors for the South Austin location so it is best to state the full name of such schools in case there are some browsing for homes particularly attending such schools.

In short, a website copy and a Craigslist ad are not to be printed dissimilarly. You should question what are the search phrases and keywords appropriate to utilize in order to come into view as results on most people’s searches. Then take pains to incorporate those keywords in the ads you write.

Why investors in France are not beached

Those looking at property investment in France have the luxury of a variety of different possible markets to serve. There are those who fancy commuting from Paris or other parts of the north to London via the Channel Tunnel. There are those who fancy a place among the famous vineyards. Alternatively, there those who seek the ski resorts in the Alps.

Then there is the south, with a strong market here for both migrants and holidaymakers, with the warmth and lifestyle of the Cote D’Azur a huge attraction. But it is also prime real estate, so investors looking for a bargain will have to look elsewhere.

Luckily, they will not have to venture too far, the Daily Telegraph reports. Those looking to land a beachfront property can acquire a two-bedroom apartment at Le Barcares, a fishing village just 20km from Perpignan in the Languedoc region.

The Languedoc region has a number of attractions to it, quite apart from the coast. It is still close to many of France’s most renowned wine-producing areas. It is not far from the Spanish Border, a potential attraction for holidaymakers hoping to make a short homage to Catalonia. Finally, the Pyrenees are close enough to interest mountain lovers.

Investors looking for a property in the south of France have some other good options as well, according to property advisor Penny Zoldan. Writing in French Property News, she recommended that investors should, when choosing between town and country, go for the latter. The reasons behind this, she stated, were that towns attract more workers, while some French people rent a house in a town while owning a rural property. Both contribute to high demand and push rents up, she said.

In addition to this, Ms Zoldan commented that many towns were investing in student accommodation, which is both cheap and enjoys good demand, while international investment could raise demand for housing.

Cities she said the latter trend could affects included several in the south, such as Montpellier and Marseille on the coast and Toulouse, which is further inland but nearer the Pyrenees. Ms Zoldan said these are cheaper than Paris and offer a choice between leaseback properties or those offering guaranteed rental return.

Investors in these places may find less of a tourist market than on the beach at Le Barcares but the potential of such locations indicates yet another segment in the varied French buy-to-let market.

In today’s world Property investment is an excellent investment option especially investment in UK

What Makes A McKinney Texas Luxury Home So Special

Special features in Luxury homes distinguish from other homes on the market.

1. A master bedroom suite is an extravagant affair in a luxury house. It is usually a huge room with an oversized bathroom off of it. Sometimes there are his and hers baths. There are extra-large closets, some designed to double as dressing rooms. Also, there is likely a sitting area in the master suite of a luxury house that overlooks a scenic view.

2. If you want a gourmet kitchen, then a McKinney Texas luxury home is a sure bet to feature one. Great looking cabinets, center islands, the best in appliances, usually featuring gas cooking which is something gourmet cooks say is a must. And typically, they feature a walk-in pantry. Many luxury homes also feature both a kitchen dinning area called a hearth room as well as a formal dinning room.

3. In a luxury house, there are numerous rooms you don’t find in a run of the mill house. There may be a den, an office, and a library. You might find a game room and a media room with theater seating. There may be one or more guest suites.

4. You will notice a difference in the flooring of McKinney luxury homes. They are of higher quality, typically hardwood or the highest grade of carpeting. Instead of vinyl, you will find ceremaic tile, slate and marble.

5. Walls and ceilings have that extra something, too. You may find bookshelves that have been built into the walls in various rooms. The paper and paint on the walls will be the best. The ceilings can be very high in a luxury house. Sometimes luxury houses have coffered ceilings, and sometimes beams cross overhead.

One thing you will find that is special in a luxury house is the built in electronics. New luxury houses these days come with security and surveillance systems. They also have pre-wired surround sound.

Heated pools, gated communities, beautiful landscapiing and even guest houses are just a few of the other perks you will find in Mckinney Texas luxury homes.

Luxury is in the eye of the beholder. Anyone of these features added to your dream home can make it a luxury home for you.

Visit Tucker Hill, the newest development in McKinney, Texas. Designed by the award winning Southern Land Company, Tucker Hill is distinctively beautiful with lush green open spaces, beautiful custom designed homes, pedestrian walkways, and without question exudes the essence of luxury.

What is a Home Inspection

Let’s start with a Webster type definition and we’ll break it down from there. A home inspection is a non-destructive visual examination of the structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and roof components of a home. A home inspection is not technically exhaustive.
Now, let’s break that down into easier terms.

A home inspection is a non-destructive visual examination This means that the inspector will view the home without damaging, or moving objects to inspect. The inspector cannot see behind walls, above ceilings, behind outlets, furniture or stored items. He will just inspect what he can see. Heshe will only remove those panels normally used to service a component of the home. If access is blocked, they will not be able to inspect that particular component.
The inspector uses their knowledge of a home to detect items that are damaged, deteriorated, non-functional, a safety hazard, or just plain constructed poorly.
The inspector at times will use tools to perform the inspection like a circuit tester to determine if outlets are wired properly.
Just like a copy editor is trained to spot misspelled words, an inspector is trained to spot defects. It may look like they are moving thru the home not really doing much, but when you do this for awhile, you know what to look for and a defect pops out at them like Jason in a Friday the 13th movie.
A home inspector should be willing to get their hands a bit dirty. If there is attic access, they should go up there. If the crawlspace has got access, they should be willing to get in there for you.
Safety is always the main concern for a home inspector, so sometimes things like walking the roof surface are just out of the question due to safety concerns. Also, if there is say, water in front of the electric panel, you can bet the inspector will not be taking off the panel while standing in a puddle.

Most of the things a home inspector looks for, most people miss while doing their walk-thru with their realtor. Most home buyers look at the new flooring, paint, landscaping, etc.
A home inspector will look beneath all of that and really let you know what you are buying. The new paint won’t be of much use if the roof starts leaking and you need a new roof. Then you’ll also need to repaint to get rid of the stains….and you better hope there’s no mold or you’ll have to replace the drywall….as you can see the problems and costs can really have a snowball effect.
Will a home inspector catch everything Probably not every little thing, but you should be able to sleep better at night knowing that you have done everything possible to ensure your newest investment was a good one.
Do your homework and find an inspector that you feel comfortable with. Don’t wait until the last minute. Plan ahead and search around. Don’t go for the lowest price. Sometimes you get what you pay for.
If you’re buying a home, do yourself a big favor and get it inspected. You won’t have any regrets.

West Austin TX Subdivision Profile Commander’s Point

Driving down RR 620 near the Mansfield Dam, along Lake Travis, you will come across a neighborhood of homes that although small in total size has much to offer. Commander’s Point on Commander’s Point Drive is a subdivision ready to be your home, ready to welcome you and show you all that there is to see.


This small subdivision doesn’t have a storied past or mythical beginning; it started as most subdivisions do, with a developer, a contractor and a plan. Homes were built to view the lake, provide easy access to local parks and hiking trails, and give families a place to live outside of downtown Austin but near enough that the city could be easily felt and seen when residents wanted.


The people of Commander’s Point primarily work in the city. Austin offers many opportunities for professionals of all kinds. The thriving science and technology industry lures many researchers and innovative thinkers. The University of Texas draws in the academics, and the increasing number of large companies coming to the city employs the rest. Area schools, restaurants and stores offer additional options. Those living in Commander’s Point are not limited in what they can do to earn a living.

Commander’s Point Real Estate

Commander’s Point is an area seeing much development. The newest addition is the Enclave at Commander’s Point, a community of upscale condominiums. Future residents can also look to the many existing subdivisions of this great neighborhood for housing. Prices will vary depending on the size and age of the home, but there is certain to be a place for everyone, regardless of how much they can afford to spend.


Commander’s Point is located in one of the area’s best school districts – Lake Travis. The children are therefore provided with an upstanding education. That in and of itself is a large draw, but it’s not the only one.

For those without children or those wondering what they will do with their children when school is out, there are numerous possibilities.

The yacht basin offers sea lovers a chance to go boating. New sailors can learn from the instructors on site while old hats can journey out on their own. The nearby Shops at the Galleria are popular destinations, with a variety of stores sure to please even the pickiest shopper. For the outdoorsy residents, there are hiking trails, with views of Texas that are, to put it simply, unbelievable. Golf courses and marinas offer further appeal and restaurants such as Hudson’s on the Bend and The Oasis serve amazing wine, even better food and delightful atmospheres. Morning through night you’ll never be at a loss for things to do at Commander’s Point.

If you are looking for a residence that combines upscale living with nearness to nature, activities and the city, Commander’s Point could be the place for you. So hop in your car, take a drive down 620 and see what so many others have already seen home at Commander’s Point. It’s there, and it’s waiting for you.

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About the Author The author writes articles on Austin Real Estate Blog. For more information about Commanders Point real estate, west Austin real estate and Lost Creek real estate Austin TX can be found on the net.

The UK house market and how to survive it

According to the Nationwide Building Society, the UK housing market has made a strong start in 2006, with the biggest rise in house prices for 18 months, rising by 1.4% in January. This was seen by the Nationwide as part of a “strengthening trend” since October, with confidence returning to the housing market, but the high price rises of 2004 were not expected to return.

Jeremy Leaf of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors said, ‘The housing market is definitely seeing signs of a recovery,’ and he predicted that, ‘modest price rises are expected to continue into the year.’

Fionnuala Earley, an economist for the Nationwide, stated that she believed that factors such as pension fears, declining consumer appetite for debt and below-average economic growth would help to restrain further house price rises in 2006.

Another sign that people are regaining confidence in the market can be seen alongside a warning from the BBC that many first-time buyers are willing to overpay in order to get onto the first rung of the property ladder. The Yorkshire Bank has announced that more than one in five first-time buyers are currently willing to offer above the asking price, compared with a year ago when less than one in ten were willing to pay over the asking price.

Gary Lumby, a Yorkshire Bank spokesman, said, Buyers are starting 2006 in a more positive mood than last year, when there seemed to be a lot more uncertainty regarding where the housing market was going.

Whilst more first-time-buyers purchasing property is extremely beneficial as it allows for greater movement within the market place, the increase in the number of buyers willing to overpay could be a cause for concern. With the UK personal debt level currently running at £1,158bn, and buyers risking the possibility of future negative equity on the mortgage, some caution should be exercised by those thinking of overpaying.

It is vitally important when making any kind of investment that you get the right advice and ensure you will be able to afford the payments. With something as important as financing your own home, you should get as much information and qualified advice as possible. Many financial web sites such as Moneynet ( ) and Motley Fool ( ) provide free straight forward guides on mortgages and house buying to help navigate the many possible pitfalls which buyers can fall foul of.

A good starting place for buying a house is to check-out the prices of houses in and around the area you are thinking of moving to, in order to see if the house is overunder priced. A site like which checks data from the Governments Land Registry can help with this type of information. Buyers should also form an impression of what the local community is like. Websites such as and can be useful sources of basic information such as the average property prices for the area, crime rates, schools, flooding and pollution information, as well as the general demographics of the neighborhood.

Another important next step is to determine how much it is possible to borrow, the amount that will be needed (including all lenders rates, surveys, deposits, solicitors fees, movement costs, insurance, etc.), and double checking how much can actually be afforded for the mortgage payments. This stage can be extremely nerve wracking, but it is absolutely vital to help avoid serious future financial difficulties.

The potential house buyer can then start to determine type of mortgage that would be the best one for them to be taken out for the final potential purchase. The decision on which mortgage to obtain will make the difference of many thousands of pounds and so it is essential that this decision is made with the best help available. The rates of lenders can be easily compared through financial comparison sites like Moneynet or Moneyfacts, and help on what to look for can be found on the Governments Financial Services Authority website.

It is to be recommended that before any buyer takes out a mortgage or any other financially binding contract, that they seek qualified independent advice. This is because while it is not actually required, if advice is not taken, there would be fewer grounds for making a possible complaint and seeking financial recompense should the mortgage product turn out to be unsuitable at a later date.

With the appropriate finances agreed and secured, then the house buyer can start the actual process of approaching the house sellers with a view to having surveys completed and possibly making an offer with all the complications that involves.

Useful resources
Moneynet mortgage guide ( )
Motley Fool mortgage guide ( )

All information contained in this article, is for general information purposes only and should not be construed as advice under the Financial Services Act 1986.

You are strongly advised to take appropriate professional and legal advice before entering into any binding contracts.